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We’re here to enhance life enjoyment, reduce stress, and increase well-being through great design.

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Bali Architecture Service

Our Architects help you with the right process for your villa design, residential, or commercial space. From the concept stage to technical drawings is a crucial process that needed to be done properly step by step. 

Architect in Bali

Our architects help you with the best material choice and workmanship with experience in their field. With the right design, we can help you building to reduce energy, and maintenance costs, and provide an efficient layout to effectively answer your needs within the budget for your investment

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Bali Architect

When we talk about architecture, it will have a different meaning for many people. The answers will be based on their education, their profession, and their personality as well. At the same time, architecture also can be defined based on its location, culture, and the people who will use the building. The architecture itself is an expression of the culture of the community in which they are located. Furthermore, architecture is not merely a physical design but a realization of cultural ideas as well as a concern for human rights and dignity. One of the well-known Indonesian architecture which has a unique characteristic is Balinese architecture.

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We divided the design process into 2 stages, first is the conceptual design stage where clients and our architects together develop the client's dream into a building layout and 3D model. Afterward, we will develop the preliminary and technical drawings needed for the building.



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Bali Construction Service

Our team will turn a difficult site to a nice building site, spending time carefully plan and developing your ideas is our focus, so we can avoid as much changes as we can along the construction time. because changes along construction time is a stressful process that cost you both time and money.